About Me

This site is to share my journey as a photographer. I have taken thousands of photos of which most of them no one has ever seen. That is changing.
A brief history of me and what this site is about:
I have always been interested in art and creating or building things. I loved building with LEGO when I was young and I was always drawing something.  After high school I went for quite a while not really doing anything artistic while I started my life and my career.  After about 15 years, I got back into building with LEGO.  I loved creating realistic structures out of bricks and it satisfied my creativity. Soon after getting into LEGO I decided I needed to be able to take decent photos of my creations.  I quickly learned that taking photos of shiny, plastic objects is not that easy.  So I had to figure out how to do it and that began my love for photography.
After a few years, my priorities changed and I found myself not really building with LEGO as much.  And even though I did continue to take pictures, I didn’t really grow as a photographer very quickly because I just didn’t have the time to devote to it due to family and work. It was just a hobby and I had to squeeze it in when I could.
The beginning of 2015 I really started to get the creative itch and decided to kick it up a notch.  I started a 52 week photography project to force myself to go back through my old photos and choose just one photo a week for a year and post to Flickr and Instagram.  I also started a LEGO project that had been in the planning stages for 7 years.  After 4 months, all of my extra time started going to photography, so sadly the LEGO project is still sitting on a shelf unfinished.  
My 52 week project lasted for 36 weeks.  At first I was disappointed that I only made it that far, but the reason that I stopped is because I was taking so many photographs and posting so many of them online, that it didn't really make sense to pick one photo for the project.  So really the project was a big success, it got me to taking and sharing more photos and made me grow as a photographer.
In January of 2016 I created my Facebook page so that I could share photos with people that I knew along with everyone else.  Sadly I started neglecting Flickr and stopped posting there altogether for most of the year.  My time went to Facebook and Instagram.
In December 2015, for first time, I tried to sell my art at an Arts and Craft fair.  It was the first time that I really printed any of my photos (other than family),  I have to say that I loved seeing my work in print.  I will definitely be doing more of that and I have also also stared to sell my photos on Etsy (there is a link to my store on the left side of the screen).
I named my venture "Photo and Art" because my goal is to eventually expand beyond just photography.  I am learning Photoshop and my goal is to be able to combine my photography with Photoshop to create something new and unique and is more art than photograph.
Thanks to anyone who actually read all of this :)
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